DeRan Cairns
DeRan Cairn Terriers

Deb & Randy Rogers
Milan, IL
Located on the IL - IA border, 3  hours West of Chicago
Driving Distance from WI, MN, MO, IN

At DeRan we breed for health, temperament, structure and type (how they look).  When we breed a litter it is because
we are looking for our next Show Prospect/Champion, not just to produce puppies to sell. Since we can't keep every
puppy in every litter it is our goal to make sure the ones we don't keep go to their new, approved, forever homes.  
Before any dog is placed in their new home, the potential owner(s) must pass a phone interview.    All DeRan dogs
are health tested prior to breeding for: Bile Acids, Eye CERF, GCL and all puppies are Bile Acid Tested before they go
to their new homes.  We don't place puppies before 10 weeks of age.  We give a written health guarantee.  Puppies
and Adults will have Core Vaccinations appropriate for their age, Wormed, Microchipped, Bile Acid Tested and a
General Veterinarian Health Check.  We also contract that all companion (pet) puppies and adults are to be
spayed/neutered at an appropriate age, we DO NOT sell breeding dogs.  All our dogs are ONLY registered with The
American Kennel Club and we are members of The Cairn Terrier Club Of  America.   Our dogs are our pets first and
show dogs second, born, raised and reside in our house.   At DeRan ALL dogs are ONLY placed or sold in face to face
transactions.  NO dogs will be shipped alone, the dog must be accompanied by the new owner.  New owner(s) MUST
take possession of the dog in person from Deb & Randy Rogers (DeRan).

Additional Information:  When looking for a breeder that you will be getting your new family member from be sure to
ask many questions.  Like, how many years have they been breeding, why do they continue to produce  puppies and
how many litters a year they breed, a litter a month or always having puppies available is a backyard/commercial
breeder.   Most reputable breeders are breeding for themselves first, they are breeding for their next Champion.  
Reputable breeders generally only have one or two litters a year and many times they have none, they are not in the
business of just selling puppies, reputations are on the line.  Ask about health testing.  Make sure the Sire and Dam
have proof of being tested for: Normal Liver Bile Acid Numbers.  Puppies can start being Bile Acid Tested around 10
weeks of age.  All puppies should be tested before being placed with their new families.  We also recommend that
the Sire and Dam be tested for: Normal Eye CERF and Clear for GCL (either by testing or clear parentage).  The ONLY
way to guarantee any dog does not have or carry these genetic disorders is by specific disorder testing.  
Unfortunately, only researching a dog's background or simply looking at the dog cannot guarantee the Sire and Dam
are not affected or are carries of these disorders thus passing them on to the next generation.  Our goal as breeders
should be to breed healthy, good tempered, quality dogs and  to place all dogs, to the best of our ability, into their
new, loving, forever homes.  Every breeder should be willing to take the puppy or adult back, at any time and for any
reason if you cannot keep the dog.  Please, please, please, don't make an impulse decision just because a puppy is
available.  Remember, ALL puppies are cute but not ALL puppies are bred and raised the same.  Commercial
breeders, pet shops and back yard breeders are only producing litter after litter after litter for one reason, MONEY.  
The puppies they produce are raised as cheaply as they possibly can, no health testing, questionable food, social
interaction and veterinarian care.  Also, their females are bred every six months until they can't produce any longer
then they are DUMPED.  Be patient, do your research and make a well informed decision.  If we don't have a puppy
available we do maintain a waiting list or we can give you referrals.

Lastly, don't be impressed with breeders who call themselves "HONEST", "REPUTABLE", 'A SHOW BREEDER' or  glorify
the puppy's  parents, grandparents, etc, etc, show record, championship linage/background or country of  birth.  A
dog's  show record, pedigree, linage/background or where it was born DOES NOT guarantee quality, health or
temperament, only proper breeding practices and health testing does.  Statements have been made that foreign
dogs are healthier and by not line breeding produces no genetic problems, WRONG.  ANY untested dog, be it foreign
or US bred, can have or carry genetic health problems, that is why you health test before breeding any dog, PERIOD.  
Unfortunately, there are people producing puppies who claim to be "show breeders" who have never bred or shown
an AKC Champion of record , BEWARE of such people, it's their selling tactic.  Unfortunately, some breeders are
trying to impress people by saying they show their dogs at "International Shows".  Most AKC breeders attend these
shows to train their dogs for AKC shows, an "International Championship" really doesn't mean much.  Also, ask if your
breeder is a member of the Cairn Terrier Club Of America, most reputable breeders are members.  Go to CTCA.com
for a list of club members who are breeders.  Ask questions and research, research, research for the best possible
puppy you can. If your requirement for your next family member is to find the cheapest dog, not a quality and health
tested dog, then we won't have a puppy or adult that would meet your needs.

Questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.  When making an inquiry, if your only questions are "Do you have
puppies" and/or "How much are your puppies", these inquiries will not be answered.  We are looking for homes that
are seriously interested in one of our babies and not just "puppy or price shopping".  Good luck finding your next
family member
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