DeRan Cairns
We have the belief that when anyone is considering a Cairn Terrier or any  breed, they should recall the line from a
marriage ceremony stating that, " it should not be entered into lightly" as you are looking at a 10 to 15 year commitment
for your new family member.  That is why we maintain a limited number of dogs and only have puppies when the time
and circumstances are right for us.

DeRan has been breeding and showing Cairn Terriers since 1976.  When we breed, we are breeding for ourselves first,
not just to have puppies to sell.  Our goal is to maintain correct type, temperament and health.  All our dogs and puppies
reside in our home.  Puppies are whelped in our bedroom and brought out to our family room when they are up on their
feet.  We feel a home environment is most important for socialization.   Our puppies are bred to be companions first, be it
at home or in the show ring.  Companion puppies are not placed in their new home before 10 weeks of age, and 14
weeks for show prospects.  Not all puppies make it to the show ring,  those will be placed as companions with their new
families.  All of our pet puppies are required to be spayed or neutered, we do not sell breeding stock.   We want everyone
to have a positive experience.  Do not hesitate to contact us with any question, no question is silly or dumb.  

We have listed some links that should help you with information about Cairns or activities involving dogs.
1.  You enter you're first dog in bred by exhibitor.
2.  You take stock of your wardrobe and find that (for the ladies) everything you own from
bed to ballroom is a dog show or dog care outfit, wash & wear, pockets and they
match the hair of your dog.  Now (for men) one worn knee on the slacks & liver
crumbs in the jacket pockets.
3.  You finish your first homebred champion and that blessed AKC envelope arrives.
4.  You can count the catalogs on the kennel shelf and there is 100.
5.  You can recite a three generation pedigree verbatim with no peeking.
6.  Another breeder asks your advice--- and follows it.
7.  Exhibitors stop looking at you kindly for " making points" and start worrying that
you'll be taking the points.
8.  You're over 500 miles from home, without a dog in tow and another exhibitor
comments that she loves the faces of your breed.
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Deb & Randy Rogers
Milan, IL
Located on the IL - IA border, 3 hours from Chicago

Does DeRan have puppies for sale?
Typically we have one or two litters a year.  We generally do not breed any of our dogs until they become champions.  Our
breedings are planned well in advance and generally when we want something to keep and show ourselves.  Other dogs in the
litter will go to prospective show homes or become family pets (companions).

At what age can I get a puppy?
   The minimum age we will let puppies go to their new homes is 10 weeks.  We feel it is important that they spend this time
with their mother and litter mates and adjust to all the sights and sounds in our home.  All puppies are raised in our home.  By
the time they are 10 weeks they have also received their 1st vaccination which is important to protect them against disease.

What about an older dog?
Occasionally we will have an old dog to place.  Generally these dogs are retired show dogs ranging from 3 to 6 years of age.  
These dogs are sold as companion animals only and are not to be used for breeding.  Cairns adjust very well to new situations
and normally after 2 weeks they act like they have lived in their new homes all their lives.

Male or Female?
Both male and females make great pets.  Often the girls tend to be more aloof and independent.  The boys seem to be more
attentive and anxious to please.  If you have two dogs it is best to have dogs of the opposite sex.

Can I breed my dog?
All of our dogs are sold on contract.  If the dog is sold as pet quality (companion) it must be spayed or neutered and not used
for breeding.  If the dog has show potential we expect the owners to abide by the same criteria we set for ourselves, finishing
championships before breeding.

Do I need a fence?
Cairns are not a trustworthy breed to be left in an unsecured yard.  If it is not possible for the yard to be fenced you must be
willing to make the commitment to walk the dog on a leash several times a day.  Cairns are curious by nature and will take any
opportunity to chase a squirrel, cat or another dog.  It is important that you have control over your dog at all times.  Having a
large fenced yard is not of major importance.  Generally Cairns want to be where you are thus spending as little time as
possible away from you. It is not suggested that a dog be left outside all day alone if you work.  This is normally the time when
he will try and dig out of the yard to find you or something on the other side of the fence.  We place patio blocks along the bottom
edge of the fence.

Are Cairns good with kids?
Cairns enjoy people!  We do not feel they are well suited for preschool age children.  They can be, as can any animal,
aggressive toward children who mistreat them or handle them roughly.

Do Cairns shed?
Cairns have a double coat with a soft undercoat and harsh outer coat.  If brushed and properly groomed you will see very
minimal shedding.  Cairns are well suited for people with allergies.

How often do Cairns need to be groomed?
   Cairns properly groomed are done so by hand stripping.  This is a method used to remove the long dead hairs from the coat.  
Regular brushing is also an important part of his care.  Clipping of the coat is not advised as it will make the coat soft and they
will lose the hard coat which is protective against dirt and rain.  It is not necessary to bathe a Cairn more than a few times a
year.  Properly groomed dogs remain fresh smelling and clean.

How about digging?
Each dog is different but as a general rule digging normally occurs when the dog is bored, wants attention or sees
something on the other side of the fence.  Left outside alone without toys or companionship will often promote this behavior.  
We suggest placing patio blocks along the bottom edge of the fence.

Do Cairns bark much?
Cairns make good watch dogs and don't miss much of anything abnormal in their surroundings.  They do not typically yap
just to hear their own voices but will alert you to any intruders or strange activities.

Are Cairns compatible with other dogs and cats?
Cairns enjoy the company of other dogs and cats.  Naturally they must be properly introduced and given the opportunity to
establish their pecking order but this is not normally a problem in your home.  Away from home Cairns can be aggressive
toward strange dogs.  They are unaware of their size and often described as "big dogs in small bodies".  Approached by an
aggressive dog, a Cairn will stand his ground and not back down.