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Erin - 41/2 Years Old
Deb researched, designed & built our website with some technical help from our computer guru daughter, Erin.  My
assignment was to write this so here goes.  

When I met Deb in 1970, she had this scruffy, sassy little dog she called Gidget.  I was informed that her little
companion was a Cairn Terrier (whatever that was).  Deb said "you know, like Toto in The Wizard Of Oz".  Deb's mom
was from England, that's why a Cairn in the family.  Gidget went almost everywhere with us, even on dates.  She
passed unexpectedly after an outing about a month before we were to be married, she was 8 years old.

Deb and I got married September 27, 1975.  In the spring of 1976, Deb saw an ad in the newspaper for Cairn
puppies, "can we go look"? I said "OK, bring the checkbook",  Nobody goes just to look at puppies.  We brought
Bridget home.  Soon after we went to Scott County Kennel Club Show in Blue Grass, IA  to get registration papers and
see the sire.  We had never seen so many  different breeds before.  The breeder asked if we would be interested in
showing , I thought, not no, but HELL NO.  We had signed up for obedience classes with the breeder, but by accident
ended up in conformation classes, figured since we were already there we might as well give it a try.  Not too long
after we attended our first match, by the end of the day we had the bug.  Eventually, Bridget won her first and only

It was now decided that the purchase of a show dog  would be next.  But, before we did that we had to decide on a
Kennel name.  Threw out a lot of different ideas of names, none seemed right, finally it was decided De short for Deb,
Ran short for Randy, put it together DeRan.   We purchased Brightridge DeRan Murfe Lad from Bernice Fritz, what a
lovely lady to deal with.  In spite of his novice owners, Murfe finished easily.  By now we are really hooked.   Bridget
was bred to Murfe.

One day when Deb was looking through a CTCA year book we were given, she saw a picture.  She remarked "This is
the type of Cairn I want to breed".  The picture was of Ch. Cairmar Fancy That.  Soon after Lynn Dorner of Dorlyn
Cairns came to our local shows.  That's where we first saw Ruffles (Ch.) Dorlyn's Easy Lovin' and her sister Rusty,
(Ch) Dorlyn's Easy Livin'.  Rusty won a group 4 that day at 8 months old under Richard Hensel.  The Dorner's
befriended us.  We bred our DeRan Murfe Lad's Ms Pipin R to their Ch. Copperglen's Sunstone, which produced Ch.
DeRan Westminster Abbey R.  Because of an illness in the Dorner family, they were placing most of their dogs.  Lynn
called and offered us Ruffles if we were interested, we couldn't get there fast enough to get her.  It wasn't until the ride
home and closely reading her pedigree that we realized she was a Ch. Cairmar Fancy That granddaughter, dreams
do come true. Ruffles became an outstanding foundation for our DeRan Cairns.  Lynn introduced us to Betty Marcum,
and so it goes.  This website is the continuation of our past and future dog story.

In the interim we got involved in our daughter Erin's ASA fast pitch softball, coaching, support, etc.  Erin now manages
and coaches her own ASA travel softball team.  We have also buried both of our fathers and Deb's mother, got a boat,
acquired two labs to go in the boat, a couple of cats and a few (more or less, I think more)  pounds.  Deb works for a
Veterinarian,  I sell Amish garages and home improvements,

With  the cairns we have acquired from Mary Fedders and Lydia Hutchinson,  DeRan will again be breeding and
showing  the type and quality of Cairns that we had strived for in our past.  Temperament, type, health and cairn
standard are a must.

We are thankful for the new friends that we have met and the welcome back from past cairnites, too many to mention.  
We dearly missed our passion,  we are so glad to be back.

Randy    3/16/2008
Deb's First Cairn
Bob & Peg Kroeger
DeRan Cairn Terriers