January 2011
DeRan Cairns
News: 2011
DeRan I Look Good - "Kooter",
at 8 months wins her
Sweepstakes 6-9 puppy bitch
class of 7 under judge Diane
Schlicht.  Kooter also won her
regular 6-9 puppy bitch class
of 7 under judge Gloria
Geringer Jan. 7, 2011 at the
Greater Twin Cities Su-Mac
Cairn Terrier Club.  Kooter will
be back in the ring late spring,
after growing a new coat.
GCh.DeRan Fade To Black (Louber)
Ch.Blue Suede Shoes Of Wolfpit (Elvee)
Presley Shoes Of Wolfpit
-       "Presley",
 is a litter
brother to Kooter and now
resides in MD with Lydia
Hutchinson of Wolfpit Cairns.  
Presley had a very successful
Dec. & Jan. acquiring 13
points, including 2-4 point
majors, all before 9 months of
February 2011
DeRan Anticipation -
 winning WB for 1 pt.
at the International Kennell
Club Of Chicago, Sat., Feb.
26, 2011.
March 2011
Ch. Blair Hill Class Action
Ch.Caledonian Pennyfarthing Of Wolfpit
New Champion Presley Shoes Of
Wolfpit -
"Presley" finished his
championship at 10 months of
age, on Wed. Mar. 16, 2011, under
judge Ms. Billie Kneale by going
BOW for 3 pts. at York Kennel
May 2011
DeRan I Look Good - "Kooter" is
shown winning WB for 1 point at
Scott County Kennel Club, Sat.
May 14, 2011 under Judge Randy
Garren.  This was Kooter's first
Ch. DeRan Fade To Black
"Louber" won Best Of Breed
both days over specials
competition at Scott County
Kennel Club, Sat. & Sun.
under Judges Randy Garren
and Marcia Feld.  Louber also
placed Group 4 on Sun.
under judge Charlotte Clem
June 2011
DeRan I Look Good "Kooter"
shown winning Best In
Sweepstakes at Su-Mac Cairn
Terrier Club under
breeder-judge Kathy Wishart.
Ch.DeRan Fade To Black,
"Louber" is shown winning an
Award Of Merit at Su-Mac Cairn
Terrier Club under judge Beth
DeRan Cairn Terriers
July 2011
"Elvee Blue"
New Champion Blue Suede Shoes
Of Wolfpit.  
"Elvee Blue" finished
her championship with a 3 pt
major at Kishwaukee Kennel Club,
Sat. July 16, 2011, under judge
Penny Hirstein.
At her first show, 6 month old
DeRan Every Breath You Take,
was RWB.  Her daddy  
Ch. Cairncroft Yankee Rebel
Of Wolfpit ,
her mommy is
Ch.DeRan Black Ice.  
DeRan I Look Good "Kooter"
(GCh. DeRan Fade To Black x
Ch. Blue Suede Of Shoes Of
shown winning  WB
for 3 pt. major at the Elgin KC
Show, Sat. Aug. 27, 2011,
under judge Thomas Yates.  
Kooter was also WB/BOB for
1 pt each day at the Sat. &
Sun shows in Amana, IA.  At
the Sat. show, Kooter was
also best Bred By Exhibitor
Terrier of 6 in competition.
DeRan Every Breath You Take
"Robin" (
Ch.Cairncroft Yankee Rebel
Of Wolfpit RA X Ch. DeRan Black Ice
shown winning Best Terrier
Puppy of 7 at the Sat. Amana, IA
August 2011
September 2011
DeRan Every Breath You Take
WB for 4 pts at 81/2 months of
age over an entry of 15 bitches
Robin also won Best Cairn Puppy
and Group 3 Terrier Puppy the
same day.  At Freeport Kennel
Club, 10/2/2011, Robin was WB
for 1 pt under judge Marcia Feld.

Robin is growing a new coat and
will be back in the ring early 2012.
October 2011
New Grand Champion
DeRan Fade To Black  
Winterberry Of Wolfpit X
Ch.Caledonian Pennyfarthing Of
 At Freeport Kennel
Club, 10/2/2011 Louber
finished his Grand
Championship under judge
Marcia Feld
win BOB over a special under
judge Kathleen Grosso on
10/22/2011 at Springfield, IL

Kooter is growing a new coat
and will be back in the ring
early 2012..