DeRan Cairn Terriers
Ch.DeRan I Look Fabulous
4 Months
A,C,Int, Ch. Paragon's Well Chosen
Ch. DeRan I Look Good
5 Months
DeRan Cairn Terriers
Bett at her first show at the MN specialty.  
She won her 6-9 Sweeps and regular class.  
She went on to win Runner up to Best in
Bett is shown at 9 1/2 months old winning
WB for 3 points at DeKalb, IL,  under Judge
Ann Hearn.  Bett then went on to win BOB
over her mama, Kooter, Ch.DeRan I Look
Good. Bett was handled to her Breed win by
good friend, Lee Borkgren, who helps us out
when we are in a pinch.
Bett, is shown at 11 months old during the
Su-Mac Cairn Terrier Club Specialty
weekend.   Sat. under Judge Clay Cody and
Sun. under Judge Stephen Hubbell at Lake
Minnetonka Kennel Club,  Jordan, MN. Bett
was WB both days for 2 - 3 pt. majors.  She
now has 9 points, 3 majors.
11 Months

Candid Photos by Annette Thompson Williams
Bett, shown winning WB/BOW for
4 points at Su-Mac Cairn Terrier
Club, MN, under judge Judy
Bett now need 2 points to
finish her championship.